Can I get some house cleaning tips please?

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I would appreciate any and all tips that I can get for house cleaning…*BUT* with one little twist. I am in a wheelchair. Can anybody help now?

First of all I would like to mention that you can get an aide in to help a few times a week or more. Ask your doctor. I have had help in the past due to my disabilities. I suggest you get a reacher too. It is a long bar that you can pick things up with if they are out of reach.

For cleaning the tub, get a new broom and use that. Put your cleaning stuff in the tub, wet the broom and scrub away.

For making the bed, Get sheets with snaps at the end so this way they do not come undone at the foot. Makes the bed making alot easier. You may want to just pin or sew the corners to do so.

Dishes are a pain so I suggest you get a chair that is high enough to reach the sink if this is feasable. Get a very lightweight vacuum to use.

For dusting get one of those long wand dusters and an extension. I had to buy a window washer with a long extension but luckily it was the same fitting and attached well to the duster.

Get a cart (the kind with two wheels) and put all your cleaning items in there. Makes it a lot handier to have them all together and can take the cleaning cart out when needed.

This site has an article on disabled house cleaning makes it easier for the arthretic too but I think you may find some good ideas on there.

This site has a bunch of resources as well that may help with getting the job done.

I have included a site for people with arthristis as it has a lot of useful things on it that may help you from the reacher to jar opening items and other stuff. I have been searching for ideas on the internet for you but so far have turned up nothing specifically for making your job easier but I know it has to be out there somewhere.

If I find one I will add more to this. I hope some of this will help you. Be sure to do one room at a time as this will be far less overwhelming for your house cleaning.

Feel free to take breaks and do not let the small stuff get to you.