Here is a Tip on Carpet Stain Removal…

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Stain removal in carpets?

How do I remove pomegranite juice from my carpet???!!!
Try some spot shot cleaner…

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7 Responses to “Here is a Tip on Carpet Stain Removal…”

  1. (:♥TayLee♥:) Says:

    Try some spot shot cleaner…
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  2. Sweetheart Says:

    Original Scent Pine Sol Lemon Scent Pine Sol Ammonia and a dab of comet.
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  3. luckystar Says:

    Spot Shot stain remover. Just spray it on and the stain disappears…love that stuff!
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  4. amfound2 Says:

    We hired a carpet cleaner from the local supermarket and I was amazed at how clean the carpets came up. It took all the stains away SO EASILY.
    Apart from thet I would reccommend washing powder and warm water and scrub it out, that should work with no adverse effect on the carpet.
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  5. happyjack Says:

    try that oxy clean stuff, it works pretty good
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  6. phoenix carpet cleaning Says:

    As a phoenix carpet cleaning person these are great tips. For an EPA schedule
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  7. Phoenix Carpet Says:

    Try Oxy Clean for better carpets.

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