Q&A – Carpet stain removal? Soy Sauce!

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Carpet stain removal?

I have a stain from Soy Sauce on my carpet. It’s a berber carpet. I just discovered it when I vacuumed. The stain is dry. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get an old soy sauce stain out of carpet?

Get this product called Spot Shot…it works on all stains even old ones..and its inexpensive 2


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  1. lucky Says:

    carpet stain remover 😀
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  2. Pete's•Angel<3 Says:

    get this product called spot shot…it works on all stains even old ones..and its inexpensive 2
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  3. Katy D Says:

    I agree that Spot Shot is the best stain remover. I tried Resolve several times and it did a horrible job. I thought I would have to replace my carpet, but a friend told me about Spot Shot. It did an amazing job! It didn’t get the stain completely out (a couple of months had already gone by), but it lightened it to the point where it’s barely noticable.
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  4. mary v Says:

    The best carpet spot removal is made by Chem Dry. Its called spotter i think. I use it all the time, even on bad laundry stains. Usually sold at home depot i think but you can get from any chem dry franchise. You cant go wrong with chem dry!!
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