House Cleaning Secrets Revealed!

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The aim of House Cleaning Secrets Revealed is to bring you the solutions to your house cleaning challenges. We will share tips and techniques to making your house cleaner.  We also aim to suggest safe options in cleaning your home.

When you look back, there are some wonderful, cheaper and safer options for cleaning your home. A cleaner home helps keep you in the best health, bearing in mind to limit harmful chemicals as much as possible in the cleaning product you choose.

If you are looking for domestic cleaning supplies, carpet stain removal, how to clean leather, silver or many other items, maybe a good tile cleaner.  We will provide the solutions and much more…

There are some great cleaning product out there and we will bring as many as we can that we hear are helpful.  Our personal recommendations are reserved for product that we have tested and consider are worthy of praise.

Cleaning checklists can help and will be provided on a seasonal basis so look for the season at your home.

We welcome your feedback, comments and input.  If you hear of any secret to keeping your house clean then please help us at House Cleaning Secrets Revealed make the world a healthier place, home by home.

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Can I get some house cleaning tips please?

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I would appreciate any and all tips that I can get for house cleaning…*BUT* with one little twist. I am in a wheelchair. Can anybody help now?

First of all I would like to mention that you can get an aide in to help a few times a week or more. Ask your doctor. I have had help in the past due to my disabilities. I suggest you get a reacher too. It is a long bar that you can pick things up with if they are out of reach.

For cleaning the tub, get a new broom and use that. Put your cleaning stuff in the tub, wet the broom and scrub away.

For making the bed, Get sheets with snaps at the end so this way they do not come undone at the foot. Makes the bed making alot easier. You may want to just pin or sew the corners to do so.

Dishes are a pain so I suggest you get a chair that is high enough to reach the sink if this is feasable. Get a very lightweight vacuum to use.

For dusting get one of those long wand dusters and an extension. I had to buy a window washer with a long extension but luckily it was the same fitting and attached well to the duster.

Get a cart (the kind with two wheels) and put all your cleaning items in there. Makes it a lot handier to have them all together and can take the cleaning cart out when needed.

This site has an article on disabled house cleaning makes it easier for the arthretic too but I think you may find some good ideas on there.

This site has a bunch of resources as well that may help with getting the job done.

I have included a site for people with arthristis as it has a lot of useful things on it that may help you from the reacher to jar opening items and other stuff. I have been searching for ideas on the internet for you but so far have turned up nothing specifically for making your job easier but I know it has to be out there somewhere.

If I find one I will add more to this. I hope some of this will help you. Be sure to do one room at a time as this will be far less overwhelming for your house cleaning.

Feel free to take breaks and do not let the small stuff get to you.

How to clean the tiles in the toilet?

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The tiles in my toilet are really dirty and I just can’t clean them off.  There’s dirt between the spaces between the tiles so if you know a way to clean off those ugly dirt please answer this question and I’ll be very thankful!


As a flooring consultant, I can’t recommend using anything abrasive on your grout. but, a Mr. Clean magic eraser might be your new best friend. They’re very inexpensive and you can get them just about anywhere cleaning product are sold.Please make sure that the cleaner you are using does not need to be rinsed off your floor.

When in doubt, clean ceramic tile and grout with a mild solution of vinegar and warm water. About 1/4 cup of vinegar to one gallon of water.

Happy Cleaning!

How do you clean your tiles in your shower?

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In between the tiles in my shower are all discoloured and look dirty but I clean them all the time and I have tried loads of products, what am I doing wrong?

I use this and it works wonders!

Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You’ll be able to clean the tiles and it gets the grout clean, too. Keep one in the shower and use it every once in awhile. You’ll be impressed.

How much time did you spend on cleaning your house today?

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Or, if you haven’t cleaned your house in a while, how much time did you spend cleaning your house the last time you cleaned house? But, when was the last time you did any notable house cleaning?


I dont clean on Sunday thats our day of rest and going to church however I do work our church nursey and on Wednesday too!

During the week I start early 5 or 6 and usually done by noon depending on how much needs done!

Take Care God loves you and so do I Tina

Closet Organizing and House Cleaning Tips Part 1

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Closet Organizing and House Cleaning – Tips Part 1

Rebekah Montgmoery helps a new mom clean her closet and talks about spring cleaning tips, demonstrating how to clean not only our houses, but our hearts and lives. …

Duration : 0:9:51

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Does anyone have a good house cleaning schedule?

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I am trying to find a good schedule for house cleaning. So I can stay on track and not spend my wheels cleaning the same parts of my house everyday. I have heard people mention a rotating schdule to keep a house totally clean. If you have one I would love to view it and see if it would work for me.

I clean windows and any glass one day, do all dusting of wood and knick-knacks – including ceiling fans another day, Clean the bathrooms another day, sweep floors every day with my Irobot, Mop once a month, change the sheets every two weeks. Clean all blankets 1-2 months.

I don’t consider myself a wonderful housekeeper and I don’t always stick with this schedule. I’ve heard good things about FlyLady from a friend. She uses it and she has to clean a house after 7 kids!

FlyLady is a Yahoo Group, or at least that’s where you could sign up for it.

How should I clean quarry tiles? How should I remove grout from bathroom tiles?

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I have moved into a house with quarry tiles on whole ground floor which were under carpets and lino etc. Thye have paint on in places and generally look messy but apart from that are in good condition. What is the best place to clean them – is there any special product I can buy?

Also have just had bathroom done and there is still some grey grout on the black floor tiles that we’ve cleaned loads but is not coming up. Has anyone used something that has removed grout well?


I’m going to assume the QUARRY tiles were not/are not sealed, hence being as porous as a terra cotta flower pot. I agree with answer 1 in some sort of floor scrubbing machine, either using a stiff brush on the tool, or heavy duty Scrub pads,as are used for stripping Vinyl and terrazza, etc. floors.

Part of your issue should include some hand scraping perhaps, wire brushing perhaps, knowing what the paint formulation is,,, Latex/Oil??? Any Adhesives residue?

Sadly grout once dry/set/cured is going to be your greater challenge. I tile every day of my life, and with no offense to any who might answer, there is NO chemical that will dissolve it. With no offense to YOU, I’m curious about the wording. “We Just Had Bathroom Done”. Does that suggest it was a DIY? or contracted? Proper application of grout, slaked or not, almost demands it be wiped, in as many as 3 stages, immediately, or asap

After application, with large GROUT sponges.

1 st step would be barely moist to remove heavy residue, then successive wipings as the grout sets, to either Flush the grout with the face of the tile, OR get it just to the depressed adges on most glazed tile. The final result would leave nothing but a dust easily mopped away.

I just finished grouting 600 sq. ft. of tile this very morning. At this stage you may have to wire brush, hard knife scrape, possibly try a heavy grit garnet sand paper, and consider that the tile, can be scratched, given that a glaze coat is only mils thick. If the tile is porcelain, and has the pattern/color going all the way through it, you may be better able to save the job. Certainly there is a hand operated/manual, Grout saw/tool you can purchase, but the task will still be tedious.

If in fact the job was contracted, I’d be on the phone long and loud with whoever did the job. With Black Tile, I probably would have used black grout, but that’s just my opinion. Steven Wolf Just my two “sense”

How can I get customers for my house cleaning service?

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I want to start a house cleaning service, but I don’t know how to get customers. Any ideas that don’t cost a lot of money?

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise! Run an ad in your local paper. make up some business card and leave them at all different places, print up flyer’s to put on cars in parking lots

BabyGanics All Purpose Cleaner, 32 oz – Lavender – 6 pk

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BabyGanics All Purpose Cleaner, 32 oz - Lavender - 6 pk

Babyganics All Purpose Cleaner 32 oz – Lavender – 6 Pk Keeping a clean home requires a product that is versatile enough to work effectively on a multitude of surfaces through- out the house.

Promoting a healthy home requires a product that is gentle and safe enough for your family to breathe, smell and touch. Finally there is a solution. BabyGanics All Purpose Household Cleaner is the answer to your cleaning needs providing a safe and effective solution for any surface in the home.

Rather than using petroleum-based ingredients, or added dyes that are common triggers for respiratory and skin irritation, Babyganics created an all-natural cleaning blend that is based upon natural soybean and palm kernel oils.

So rid your home of cleaners that contain hazardous ingredients, ammonia, phosphates, petroleum distillates, chlorine, limonene, terpene products and animal by-products.

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