How do I keep the grout between my floor tiles clean?

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How do I keep the grout between my floor tiles clean?

We had tile installed in our bathroom, and have to scrub the grout with a brush weekly to keep it even near white. Is there something that you can seal it with to help preserve the white color, not to mention just to keep it looking clean longer?

Yes. It’s called grout sealer and you can buy it at Home Depot or Lowes.

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  1. curiousgeorge Says:

    Yes. It's called grout sealer and you can buy it at home depot or lowes.
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  2. plzhelp Says:

    You can try white cement.
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  3. jv1104 Says:

    Use bleach water, and a toothbrush. It get all the stains out. I know home depot has some stuff that seals tile and grout, after cleaning, but I can't think of the name of it. We used it on our tile a few years back and it looks brand new.
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  4. Oba Says:

    Clear liquid tile and grout sealers provide protection against stains and against water penetration. Different formulations are available for different types of tile and grout in various applications. You will probably need to reapply the sealer every 2 years (or as specified on the container label) in order to maintain protection from stains and moisture penetration.
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  5. threelegdogranch Says:

    Sometimes the Grout becomes permanently discolored, when this happens it may be necessary to use a grout stain, ( just like concrete stain ), prior to sealing the grout. The only problem with some of the grout sealers is their poor performance around any products containing milk fat ( such as milk or chocolates etc.) The best solution for kitchens ( especially countertops ) is to us Epoxy grout. This is not as radical as it sounds and is quite easy to install. I have used it as a professional contractor on numerous occasions with excellent result.
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  6. buckaroo Says:

    I clean mine with grout cleaner using my Scum Buster, which have attachments for that purpose ( will save time and your back). Then use a grout sealer like Precision Tile Grout Silicone Sealer, follow the manufacture insurrections. All can be purchased at Lowe's.
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  7. dizzy Says:

    I've cleaned mine with tartar & water (make a paste and use a tooth brush to scrub slightly then rinse) and then put the grout sealer on so you don't have to do it again. Hopefully your floors not too big.
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  8. susyq47 Says:

    i have a kitchen table[top has tiles on it] the man that sold it to me said, when it gets un cleanable to use white-out. the same stuff that you use on paper. you will have to seal it with something i suppose. cant you paint it with a small artist brush?
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  9. Susy Bierbrauer Says:

    Thanks for the informative article, it was a good read and I hope its ok that I share this with some facebook friends. Thanks.

  10. Lauren Rodi Says:

    All of my questions setlted-thanks!

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