House Cleaning Secrets Revealed!

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The aim of House Cleaning Secrets Revealed is to bring you the solutions to your house cleaning challenges. We will share tips and techniques to making your house cleaner.  We also aim to suggest safe options in cleaning your home.

When you look back, there are some wonderful, cheaper and safer options for cleaning your home. A cleaner home helps keep you in the best health, bearing in mind to limit harmful chemicals as much as possible in the cleaning product you choose.

If you are looking for domestic cleaning supplies, carpet stain removal, how to clean leather, silver or many other items, maybe a good tile cleaner.  We will provide the solutions and much more…

There are some great cleaning product out there and we will bring as many as we can that we hear are helpful.  Our personal recommendations are reserved for product that we have tested and consider are worthy of praise.

Cleaning checklists can help and will be provided on a seasonal basis so look for the season at your home.

We welcome your feedback, comments and input.  If you hear of any secret to keeping your house clean then please help us at House Cleaning Secrets Revealed make the world a healthier place, home by home.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips for Common Spills During the Holiday Season

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Do you ever notice that people seem to be a little friendlier this time of year? The Christmas season brings out the best in everyone, it truly is the season to be jolly! It is a time for family and friends coming together and enjoying good food and good company. The cleanup is a reality of the holiday season that many people forget about after the celebrating is over. Not only do we have a mess to contend with but also many times we have spills and stains on the carpet; gravy, wine, beer, coffee and soda, to mention a few. I have learned that most people treat these spills wrong and cause the stain to set into the carpet, making the job of removing them much more difficult.

This article will provide a guide to cleaning the most common spills that you get after the holiday season. The most important thing to remember is that timing is everything when it comes to a spill, the faster you clean up after a spill the better chance you have of removing the stain completely. There is three important steps you must follow to clean any stain.

The first step is to immediately blot the spill with a dry white cloth, napkin or paper towel, try to remove as much liquid as possible before going on to the next step.

The second step is to clean the spot and in order to do that you should mix a solution of mild dish detergent (no bleach) and warm water. Once you have mixed the solution blot the stain.

The third step is to neutralize the stain with a solution. Each stain has a different mixture and a solution for a few of the most common stains is included. Put the mixture into a spray bottle, mist the spot after cleaning it, and blot with a paper towel to absorb excess liquid. You can also spray with plain water and blot after you are done to rinse the area and make sure there are no chemicals left on the carpet.

For coffee, tea, beer, or white wine, the neutralizing mixture is one third of a cup of white vinegar and two thirds of a cup of water. For cola, soda, or pop stains, the mixture is one tablespoon of household ammonia and half a cup of water. For gravy stains you do not put it into a spray bottle you blot the spot after cleaning with a small amount of dry cleaning solvent (you may substitute isopropyl alcohol), make sure to use very small amounts to avoid any damage to the carpet.

The trickiest spot of all to clean is red wine, it is very important to treat this spill properly or you risk setting it into the carpet. Simply follow step one, then instead of cleaning it with water and dish detergent you mix one teaspoon of neutral dish soap (dawn works great) with a cup of hydrogen peroxide. You can pour the mixture over the spill to pre-soak it. You should actually see the red wine disappear in front of your eyes. If there is still a residue left afterwards rinse it with water, blot, and then pour a mound of salt on, the spot (the salt will draw the moisture and residue out of the carpet) wait until morning and then simply vacuum up the stain.

These tips for stain removal will help you with any of your holiday spills. Just remember to test any of the chemicals you use on an inconspicuous section of carpet, you can do this by putting a small amount on a white cloth and hold it to the carpet for 30 – 60 seconds, if there is no color transfer on to the cloth you should be fine. Please remember as well, that when the instructions say to blot, do not rub at the carpet or you risk damaging the fibres and making the stain go deeper into the fabric. Good Luck with your stain removal and Happy Holidays!


Jim Thornton


Domestic Cleaning Supplies – 12″ Eureka Domestic” The boss Carpet Cleaner

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Domestic Cleaning Supplies – 12″ Eureka Domestic” The boss

Powerful maintenance-free 5.0 amp motor combines with high-efficiency direct airflow system for deep carpet cleaning. Three-position handle adjusts horizontally for cleaning under furniture.

Features six-position carpet height adjustment and dual-edge clea ning. Includes a top-filling bag system

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Domestic Cleaning Supplies – Fly Trap

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Catchmaster 10.5\' Fly Glue Trap   Catchmaster 10.5\’ Fly Glue Trap

The GOLD STICK model#912 measures 10.5′ long and offers a full 48 square inches of catching surface. Housed in a decorative, simulated light wood grained box, it is attractively designed for professional ‘out front’ applications. Simply place or hang the box in a corner where trapped flies will be out of sight. Safe to use in sensitive public areas.

GOLD STICK model#912 is 100% ecologically safe. They contain no toxins, insecticides, hazardous chemicals, vapors or offensive odors. They are clean, long lasting and effective in high and low temperatures, both indoors and out.

FOR THE CONTROL OF: Domestic Flies – House Flies – Stable Flies – Bottle Flies – Blowflies – Cluster Flies – Fruit Flies – Drain Flies – Vinegar Flies – Phorid Flies – Black Flies – Horse Flies and other flying insects.  Great for Wasp!

FOR USE IN: HOMES Garages – Basements – Attics – Atriums – Patios – Greenhouses – Gardens

INDUSTRIES INSTITUTIONS Hospitals – Nursing Homes – Restaurants – Schools – Hotels – Nurseries Food Processing Plants – Supermarkets – Factories – Warehouses – Docks Garbage Dump Areas – Animal Research Centers – Zoos – Kennels – Pet Shops FARMS RANCHES Barns – Poultry Houses – Stables – Hay Operations Silos – Dairy Operations Milk Rooms – Animal Pens Yards ALSO Recreation Parks – Boat Docks Public Restrooms – Ships

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BabyGanics All Purpose Cleaner, 32 oz – Lavender – 6 pk

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BabyGanics All Purpose Cleaner, 32 oz - Lavender - 6 pk

Babyganics All Purpose Cleaner 32 oz – Lavender – 6 Pk Keeping a clean home requires a product that is versatile enough to work effectively on a multitude of surfaces through- out the house.

Promoting a healthy home requires a product that is gentle and safe enough for your family to breathe, smell and touch. Finally there is a solution. BabyGanics All Purpose Household Cleaner is the answer to your cleaning needs providing a safe and effective solution for any surface in the home.

Rather than using petroleum-based ingredients, or added dyes that are common triggers for respiratory and skin irritation, Babyganics created an all-natural cleaning blend that is based upon natural soybean and palm kernel oils.

So rid your home of cleaners that contain hazardous ingredients, ammonia, phosphates, petroleum distillates, chlorine, limonene, terpene products and animal by-products.

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Carpet Stain removal with Jetsteam Maxi Steam Machine

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Removal of stains from carpet using a Duplex Jetsteam Maxi steam machine. For more information on this steam cleaning equipment visit

Duration : 0:1:30

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This Video is about Carpet Stain Removal of Vomit…

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Removing Carpet Stains & Spots : How to Clean Vomit From Carpet

Cleaning up vomit from carpet begins by removing as much of the excess as possible, sponging on a soap and water mixture and blotting up the rest of the stain.

Clean a vomit stain from carpet, using shaving cream if it becomes stubborn, with tips from a contractor’s assistant in this free video on carpet cleaning.

Expert: Josh Bale Bio: Josh Bale works as a contractor’s istant and is highly experienced in maintaining carpets, upholstery and various fabrics. Filmmaker: Ryan Quinn

Duration : 0:2:14

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Can you use vinegar and / or peroxide to clean tiles / floors?

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What does peroxide AND / OR vinegar do in terms of cleaning tiled flooring? What about countertops? What about bathrooms?

Vinegar is a good natural product to use for your domestic cleaning supplies.  Use it to clean anything like counter tops tile floors etc. Most of the time I will mix baking soda and vinegar together.

Do you mean hydrogen peroxide? If so it is OK to clean with but I use it for hard stains like dried blood or bad marks.

Watkins Natural Home Cleaning Products

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Domestic Cleaning Supplies – Watkins Natural Home Cleaning Products

Watkins has a new plant based earth friendly cleaning line that works wonderfully and best of all, you don’t have to worry about chemicals and harsh chemical smells when you clean!

Check them out at All order delivered right to your door!

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How to Organize Your Life : Organizing a Supplies Container for Under the Sink

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Organizing a Supplies Container for Under the Sink

It’s important to be able to access trash bags and sponges at all times, learn an easy method for keeping your cleaning products accessible and organized in this free home cleaning video.

Expert: Katrina Cameron Contact: Bio: Katrina Cameron is the owner of “Operation Organization” in Los Angeles. She specializes in organizing homes, offices, garages and businesses. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

Duration : 0:1:50

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