House Cleaning Secrets Revealed!

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The aim of House Cleaning Secrets Revealed is to bring you the solutions to your house cleaning challenges. We will share tips and techniques to making your house cleaner.  We also aim to suggest safe options in cleaning your home.

When you look back, there are some wonderful, cheaper and safer options for cleaning your home. A cleaner home helps keep you in the best health, bearing in mind to limit harmful chemicals as much as possible in the cleaning product you choose.

If you are looking for domestic cleaning supplies, carpet stain removal, how to clean leather, silver or many other items, maybe a good tile cleaner.  We will provide the solutions and much more…

There are some great cleaning product out there and we will bring as many as we can that we hear are helpful.  Our personal recommendations are reserved for product that we have tested and consider are worthy of praise.

Cleaning checklists can help and will be provided on a seasonal basis so look for the season at your home.

We welcome your feedback, comments and input.  If you hear of any secret to keeping your house clean then please help us at House Cleaning Secrets Revealed make the world a healthier place, home by home.

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Carpet Stain Removal – How to Clean Hair Dye from Carpet

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Removing Carpet Stains & Spots : How to Clean Hair Dye from Carpet

Cleaning hair dye from carpet involves blotting it up as soon as the stain occurs, applying a water and detergent mixture, flooding the stain with water and then applying a vinegar and water mixture.

Blot up a hair dye stain, rinsing between each application, with tips from a contractor’s istant in this free video on carpet cleaning.

Expert: Josh Bale Bio: Josh Bale works as a contractor’s istant and is highly experienced in maintaining carpets, upholstery and various fabrics. Filmmaker: Ryan Quinn

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[youtube hVmepDPoI2g]

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How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

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How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

Make your coffee maker sparkle—no elbow grease required.

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How to clean ceramic tiles in shower stall?

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How to clean ceramic tiles in shower stall?

My shower stall has stain marks in between the ceramic tiles. I use magic eraser but it still looks like the same. The color between the tiles didn’t change at all (I mean the white cement). Actually, my shower stall also have a bath tub. In between the joint between the tub and the ceramic wall it has a black line of mold. How to clean that line of mold? I used magic eraser, bleach, scrubbing bubbles. But the line is still there. Need help.

Go with tilex mold and mildew remover. Spray it on and let it set there for at least five minutes. Then use a decent scrub brush of some kind, even a toothbrush would work, on the joint and it should come clean. If tilex does not work, try C.L.R. with the same process.

How to clean a white leather couch?

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How to clean a white leather couch?

I have had the couch for two years and it has dirt in the little natural cracks of the leather. I thought I heard that you should use oil to clean leather. Is this true? If so, what do kind?

Never use any oil or oil based prodcuts on your leather. If your leather has cracks the oils will soak through to the leather and will actually loosen the bond between the pigment coating and the leather so will make the problem worse and it could make repairing the problem impossible.

Leather does not need oiling, waxing or conditioning. Cracks appear in the pigment for many reasons, it could simply be wear and tear or the incorrect use of cleaning products or the fact that it has not been cleaned and protected, or if it is not very old it could be a fault in the finish.

The important thing is to get the cracks sorted now before they get any worse otherwise they may reach a stage where they are impossible to fix. These cannot be fixed by any sort of creams, oils or conditioners but will need refinishing by a qualified technician.

Once this has been repaired use a good protector and maintenance product to keep your leather clean and rehydratred and this will help prevent any dirt from attacking the finish again