How to clean leather computer chair?

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How to clean leather computer chair?

I used to wear a lot of hair gel and when I would be stressed at my desk I would run my fingers through my hair and over time, the small particles of gel have built up and hardened into little ugly plastic-like “stains” or marks on my leather chair. Because of the leather texture and the nature of the hair gel, it is very hard to simply scratch off.

What can I use to clean the chair? Typical household items would be preferable.

Thanks for your time.

By far and away the best leather cleaner is Woolite. 10 parts water and 1 part Woolite will clean the leather thoroughly. Next you must condition the leather to prevent it from drying out. I use this mixture in my car and at home and it works very well. I have 97k on the car and not one crack in the leather.

Safe way to clean leather jacket at home?

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How to clean leather jacket at home?

It’s black kid leather and I don’t want to destroy it but don’t want to pay tons to get it cleaned commercially. Is there a leather cleaner you can buy at a store and use at home, safely, without ruining the leather?

Lexol and Leather Therapy make good leather cleaners. I have used them both on everything from car leather to leather blazers and I highly recommend either. I also use Leather Therapy water repellent on my leather shoes and jackets to protect them from water damage.

How do professionals clean leather?

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How to clean leather like the professionals?

I’m just curious why it costs $50++ to clean a leather jacket. This is the third leather question I’m posting.


If you are talking about dry cleaning it is because the process and chemicals used are expensive. Leather is a much more difficult item to clean than ordinary fabric.

Professional leather cleaners (domestic furniture and clothing – not dry cleaners) certainly do not use saddle soap, they use specially formulated products and the work is done by hand so takes time which has to be charged for.

You can however now buy professional leather care products on the internet (just be careful where you buy them from) and you can then clean your jacket yourself quite successfully as long as there are no real stains or problems.