How can I absorb moisture from my Oxyclean detergent bucket?

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I have an old bucket of Oxyclean powdered soap and the detergent is rock solid, probably from the moisture from the laundry room. How can I break up this detergent and still use the soap?

I’d use a hammer and other manly tools to break it up. However, if it has solidified, that means that moisture has reacted with the powder, releasing its oxygen, which means it is is likely that the product will not work now. But you can try.

Break it up, then add the amount you need in a small amount of hot water to make sure it is completely dissolved. Add this solution to whatever you’ve got going on (a mop bucket or the washing machine).

Domestic Cleaning Supplies – Hollister M9 Cleaner

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Hollister M9 Cleaner 1 oz.   Domestic Cleaning Supplies – Hollister M9 Cleaner 1oz

Hollister m9 Odor Eliminator Hollister m9 Odor Eliminator are highly effective, convenient and economical odor eliminating drops. Place a few drops (4-12) of M9 into pouch before applying pouch to eliminate odor.

Features: Manufacturer: Hollister Product: m9 Odor Eliminator Item no: 7717 Size: 1 oz. Ingredients: Purified Water, Disodium Cupric Citrate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, and Citric Acid.

Note from MMO Customer Service: Occasionally, we receive feedback about a product that is so great we think we should pass it along. Here is an unsolicited email from one of our loyal clients: I really can’t brag this product up enough. If you know of anyone who has an ileostomy, this is the product to recommend for odor control. It literally gave my life back.

I’ve tried a lot of the other brands and was sorely disappointed. I used OxyClean in my pouch for a while. It helped with the odor, but, I got an irritation once in a while. Enough of the unsolicited testimonial. I will also be giving the same type of testimonial about your company to my friends. Sure am glad I found you! Keep up the great work! -S

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How can I get rid of pet stains off carpet??

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How can I get rid of pet stains off carpet??

For some reason one of my cats has been taking a potty on the carpet. There are poop stains and I can’t seem to get it out, I tried the RESOLVE Pet Stain removal but it doesnt work.

What should I use that would be more effective to old poop stains that I couldn’t remove off the carpet??

Oxyclean will do it…………

Oxi Clean detergent

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Get on the ball, use oxi clean detergent ball!!! …

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Oxi Clean 1 LB

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High energy stain remover. OxiClean has amazing power–it is a product that can handle nearly any cleaning challenge. OxiClean harnesses the cleaning and deodorizing power of oxygen to attack tough organic dirt, stains, and odors on carpets and other surfaces.

OxyClean is activated with hot water (use different dilutions to safely and effectively remove a variety of stains and spots.) OxiClean is great for removing stains resulting from mildew, algae, juice, pet messes and odors and tile grout stains. Oxiclean dissolves into harmless soda ash and water. It is biodegradable and safe to use on colored surfaces and colorfast fabrics.

Add a scoop to every load of laundry. And, since it doesn’t spoil, it has extra-long shelf life. Also use on: Wood decks, dentures, coffee pots, stuffed animals, shoes, aquariums, ice chests, boats, trash cans, and a lot more. 1 lb container

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My first real video editing project. I had a sucky editing program at the time and really had no experience putting together a film. Still, with my brother’s help, we put together a little infomercial for Oxy-clean. My brother is the man getting rid of the stain – I was filming it. …

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