Carpet Stain Removal – Why does my carpet now stink after shampooing?

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Why does my carpet now stink after shampooing it just for stain removal?

I used my mother’s carpet shampooer to clean some minor stains on my carpet and now my carpet stinks and it didn’t before!

Once a carpet gets wet, all you smell are the odors that have accumulated ,whether you shampood spots or not… my suggestion is to have the entire carpet steam cleaned by a professional… 3 rooms usually undre 200 dollars , servicemaster is a great company to use… also stanley steamer.

Ask if they can put a deodorizer in while steaming also, harmless to the carpet, but very customer appealing because it makes your house smell fresh while the carpet is wet… it takes a t minimum of 12 hours for the carpet to dry, so make sure you can get around the house after this is done… and after it dries, all you do is vacuum and its like brand new carpet…

Good luck

Carpet Stain Removal – How do you Remove Blood?

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Blood stain removal info?

How do you get a blood stain out of a carpet?

Thanks the infection from my knee dripped blood on my carpet

Peroxide, copious amounts of hydrogen peroxide! And after that a paste of lemon juice (fresh) and salt if needed, scrub, repeat, then shampoo.

A tip for Carpet Stain Removal on Berber Carpet

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Best tips for stain removal on Berber carpet?

Okay so I have a few dog pee stains on my carpet that will disapeer for a while and then when its muggy out, the stain will reapeer and look even worse. I know its happening because the house is on concrete block foundation and its drawing up moisture. So, how do I get rid of the stains for good…

Try spray and wash on a spot, saturate, let sit a while and use a hot wet cloth to rub and then use a dry towel and step on it time and again until no more moisture appears. It works for me.

A dog urinated on my asian rug, which is made of wool and silk. Any suggestions for stain and order removal?

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A dog urinated on my asian rug, which is made of wool and silk.  Any suggestions for carpet stain removal?

I have tried baking soda and febreeze. I don’t want to damage the carpet but the smell is still there.
I agree with “new england”, take it to a professional, but if not, try Nature’s Miracle, can get it at Petsmart or similar pet supply stores, it’s great stuff!

Bissell Pet Odor + Stain Removal Formula 64oz. Model # 797

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BISSELL PET ODOR + STAIN REMOVAL FORMULA 64oz. MODEL # 797 Domestic Cleaning Supplies – Bissell Pet Odor & Stain Removal Formula

Specially formulated for use only in compact/portable deep cleaning machines for effective pet stainremoval Quickly penetrates deep into fibers to remove tough pet stains and eliminate odors Safely deep cleans stain resistant carpet, upholstery and water-safe fabrics

Deodorizes and eliminates odors and refreshes fibers with light, clean scent Dries quickly and thoroughly, leaving fibers clean and soft with no sticky residue

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Organic Odor Removal

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Domestic Cleaning Supplies – Odorzout

Odorzout products are 100% organic and is the only odor control product that is certified by the EPA as such.

Very easy to use. Just Google ‘Odorzout’ and you’ll find scads of positive reviews all over the net.

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